Mastectomy Recovery

Created by a breast cancer survivor.

#1 Doctor-Recommended Mastectomy Pillow

Cocoon of Comfort

Feels good when almost nothing else does

Safe & Secure

Keep arms in place and away from drains.

Supports Back Sleeping

Makes sleep a non-issue. Zzzzz.

#1 Sleep System Recommended by Breast Cancer Surgeons
“Incredibly helpful for sleeping after surgery. Sleep Again Pillows are a better solution for recovery.”
— Dr. Kayla Griffith, Colorado Breast Care Specialists
“These incredible pillows kept me sane post-mastectomies, especially when the dreaded surgical drains were in. Only someone who survived ‘the great disrupter’ could create such a wonderful system.”
— Lori G.
“These have SAVED my sleep after reconstruction. I have to sleep on my back for another three weeks and can’t imagine doing it without these pillows.”
— Kathy H.

Complete Comfort Keeps You Snuggled and Supported on All Sides

✔ Extra wide wedges

✔ No side slipping or rolling off at night

✔ Keeps arms elevated

✔ Holds them gently in place and away from drains

✔ Designed by a breast cancer survivor

We've Tested, Perfected, and Patented This Product

- Sets up in minutes

- Adjusts to fit you

- Easy to clean

- Snuggles you comfortably during sleep and bedrest

Your Questions Answered

How does the Sleep Again Pillow System help in mastectomy recovery?

The Sleep Again Pillow System was created by a breast cancer survivor, specifically with mastectomy recovery i mind. Patients healing from a mastectomy are instructed to sleep on their back in an elevated position for several weeks after surgery. This is true for many surgeries, but it’s especially important for breast surgery because the elevation both reduces swelling and pain while also increasing circulation. Our system is specifically designed to secure your body in a safe and comfortable position while sleeping and resting using a unique combinations of wedges and side pillows to help prevent you from rolling over at night.

Why is it better to sleep on my back after surgery?

Doctors recommend sleeping on your back post-mastectomy - and many other surgeries! - to manage surgical drains and dressings. Sleeping on your back helps you to heal optimally and protects incisions from excess pressure.

Why does my upper body have to stay elevated after surgery?

Doctors recommend that you sleep with your upper body elevated after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. It also improves circulation and reduces fluid build up. In addition, elevating your upper body makes getting out of bed easier.

What arm limitations are recommended after a double mastectomy?

Following a double mastectomy, doctors recommend that you do not raise your arms above your shoulders. This is to protect incisions and sutures as well as keep drains in place.

Can I use my HSA/FSA account to purchase my Sleep Again Pillow System?

The Sleep Again Pillow System is not currently covered by private insurance plans. If you have an HSA or FSA plan, the Sleep Again Pillow system is a qualified expenditure for most plans.

“Sleep disturbance negatively impacts the quality of life and recovery… following breast surgery.”

Read More from the National Institute of Heath

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