Surgery Recovery

Better sleep is better healing.

The #1 Doctor-Recommended Pillow for Surgery Recovery

Cocoon of Comfort

Helps you feel better when few things can.

Adjusts to Fit You

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Supports Back Sleeping

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Proven to Improve the Recovery Journey
“I’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in their recovery journey with Sleep Again pillows.”
— Dr. Christine Rodgers, Denver Plastic Surgery
“I am not a back sleeper and had to be on my back for over a week … amazingly it made the week go by with ease.”
— Rean B.
“I just got mine today and I’m telling you, it makes a big difference … it’s an emotional lifesaver.”
— Roman H.

Helps Speed & Ease Recovery From:

✔ Plastic Surgery

✔ Back & Spinal Surgery

✔ Heart Surgery

✔ Stomach Surgery

✔ Shoulder Surgery

✔ Knee Surgery

We've Tested, Perfected, and Patented This Product

- Sets up in minutes

- Adjusts to fit you

- Easy to clean

- Snuggles you comfortably during sleep and bedrest

Your Questions Answered

Why is it better to sleep on my back after surgery?

Doctors recommend sleeping on your back post-mastectomy - and many other surgeries! - to manage surgical drains and dressings. Sleeping on your back helps you to heal optimally and protects incisions from excess pressure.

How can I stay on my back if I'm naturally a side sleeper?

Providing support on both sides of your body is the key to staying on your back while sleeping. The two contoured side pillows in the Sleep Again Pillow System are designed to do just that - provide support to keep you snugly in place.

Why does my upper body have to stay elevated after surgery?

Doctors recommend that you sleep with your upper body elevated after surgery to reduce swelling and bruising. It also improves circulation and reduces fluid build up. In addition, elevating your upper body makes getting out of bed easier.

Why does a wedge under my knees help after surgery?

Elevating your legs after surgery helps prevent swelling. A wedge pillow under your knees can also help with proper alignment in your back.

Development of sleep disturbances produces harmful effects on post-operative patients … and poorer recovery.

Read more on this from the National Institute of Health

Post Surgery Pillows

Post Surgery Pillows are specifically designed for the unique needs of healing after surgery where parts of the body should remain elevated for extended periods of time, especially during sleep.

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