What is a Post Surgery Pillow, and Do You Need One?

Post Surgery Pillows are specifically designed for the unique needs of healing after surgery where parts of the body should remain elevated for extended periods of time, especially during sleep.

Many common surgical procedures today require resting on your back and often in an elevated position. The Specialty Surgical Center in Sparta, New Jersey, offering a wide range of surgical procedures, recommends back-sleeping with support as “one of the best sleeping positions after any kind of surgery.”

Breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, rotator cuff surgery, sinus surgery, just to name a few, all call for sleeping elevated on the back after surgery to both promote better rest and also to protect incisions and increase blood flow to promote healing.


How is a surgery pillow constructed, and what makes one better than the other?

Many post-surgery pillows include some form of memory foam wedge as part of their design. Their sloped shape and sturdy form keep you sleeping upright and not slumping down in the middle of the night versus stacking a pile of pillows on top of each other and hoping for the best.

And sleeping elevated isn’t just about improving circulation. Wedge pillows also help reduce pain as the incline of the pillow takes pressure off both the upper and lower body.

And while one wedge pillow is better than no wedge pillow in sleeping after surgery, a single wedge pillow on its own doesn’t address some of the other safety and comfort issues that recovering surgery patients really need.


Best Wedge Pillow After Surgery

Our Sleep Again Pillow System includes 5 separate components, including 2 memory foam wedges, 2 full-body side pillows, and 1 neck pillow for maximizing both safety and comfort.

Having 2 memory foam wedge pillows allows for many different comfort options. While one wedge supports the upper body, the second wedge supports the legs and reduces strain on the lower back and spine. Users can also stack the wedge pillows, increasing the incline of the upper body. This is especially useful for resting on the bed or couch, enjoying reading, or watching TV in a more comfortable position. 

A single wedge will most likely not meet the height needs most people are looking for to watch TV or read, leading many to stuff additional pillows on top of the wedge to increase comfort and height which reduces safety. This is because standard neck pillows are pretty squishy and floppy, resulting in a greater chance of movement during the night while you sleep. 

We feel strongly that the combination of our foam wedge plus its two full-body side pillows are extremely effective in preventing rolling while you sleep. This is huge for not accidentally slumping onto your side, potentially risking damage to your healing incisions. 

“My nest of comfort,” is how one of our customers describes her sleep experience. Read more client testimonials to see what else they have to say!


Can you use a post surgery pillow for regular sleeping?

Absolutely! We think you’ll fall in love with all the therapeutic benefits of our unique wedge pillow system that it will simply become your new norm for sleeping comfort. And since its pieces are completely separate, you may find yourself using some parts of the system for reading and relaxing and others for sleeping, and that’s completely ok!

There are so many benefits to sleeping with your head elevated that mattress companies are now incorporating elevated sleeping options into their product designs. But a whole new mattress is a huge investment, and it’s not really something you can take with you when you travel.

Sleeping elevated helps with common issues such as snoring, post-nasal drip and congestion, sleep apnea, heartburn, and back pain. It’s also known to help increase relaxation and reduce stress.


A Special Note: While we have extensive experience and knowledge around surgery recovery, we aren’t doctors, medical providers, or have any medical training. Please consult your physician or plastic surgeon with any questions related to your health and well-being.