Our Story

We know sleep is essential for our bodies to heal. The Sleep Again Pillow System was born of necessity, and we hope it can help you on your post-surgical journey. Here’s to your health!

- Kate Devlin & Rachel Baumel

The Sleep Your Body Needs

“My journey through cancer was mentally and physically challenging for me. I worked hard to focus on positive outcomes through each of my three breast surgeries - and one ovary removal surgery - which were all within one year. I could not have made it without the Sleep Again Pillow System. The pillows were my life raft. That is what I called them and where I went when I wanted to rest, heal, and feel safe. They held me and protected me as I meditated, slept, healed, and recovered. I am bringing these pillows to you because they brought me comfort and peace during my breast cancer journey.”

Rachel Baumel, founder and inventor of sleep again pillows

Two Women on a Mission to Change the World of Post-Surgical Sleep

Rachel Baumel

As a breast cancer survivor, my goal is to help other women with their battle to fight cancer.  In 2018, I had four surgeries for breast cancer and ovary removal. 

I created a pillow system to make myself more comfortable while sleeping on my back. I had to find pillows and put them together to make a comfy, and cozy cocoon. My husband called it the "life raft.

I started lending my pillow system out to women in our support group who also had surgery. They loved it and said that it truly helped them sleep after their surgeries. 

I realized that people can really benefit from this pillow system after surgery.  As we all know, sleeping is critical for healing.  This pillow system helps you sleep, therefore heal.  

Kate Devlin

Like so many, breast cancer has touched my life through friends and family. I have watched as many women around me have fought bravely through their battles - most while balancing career, family and caregiving on top of their own health struggles.

As women, we tend not to prioritize our own rest, but it’s a critical component to healing. I am passionate about supporting women as they heal by literally wrapping them in our “pillow cocoon”!