For side and back sleepers looking for greater comfort, using a combination of pillows, including long body pillows, can help optimize rest, ease aches and pains, and speed up recovery following surgery.

Long body pillows have become extremely popular for supporting the knees, back, and hips. Sleepers hug them from the side, wrapping their top arm and knee overtop the long pillow, taking the pressure off of the hip and shoulder joints and placing the spine in a more neutral alignment. They’re also just great to cuddle into.

At the same time, traditional long pillows are somewhat limited in their use. A single long body pillow is intended for side sleeping and will do nothing for those who prefer to sleep on their back or are required to do so following surgery.

The majority of the most common surgical procedures today require back sleeping following surgery. Mastectomies, facial or sinus surgeries, eye surgeries, rotator cuff or shoulder surgeries, tummy tucks or abdominal surgeries, and spine or back surgeries are just some of the major surgeries that advise sleeping on the back and often in an elevated position for the duration of recovery. Sleeping elevated on the back promotes better rest, increases blood flood, and protects incisions during wound recovery.

Sleeping elevated promotes better rest, increases blood flood, and protects incisions during wound recovery.

To address the needs of surgical patients and also to provide more ways to optimize sleep and overall better health, Sleep Again Pillows created a pillow system that incorporates two long pillows along with two bed wedges and a neck pillow for ultimate comfort and safety while sleeping.

The long pillows in this unique sleep system are designed to cradle and stabilize the entire body, preventing rolling and slumping while on your back. No more stuffing pillows behind your head and then having them move or slide out while asleep. This system hugs your body from both sides and prevents rolling onto your side.


Optimizing Your Sleep with Long Pillows

Insufficient sleep is linked to chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and mental health issues. The role of sleep health is at the center of several studies investigating its impact within these areas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults over the age of 18 aim for between 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

This is quite a long time for the body to be laying down, and over time poor sleep position can lead to body misalignments and increased pressure on the joints, leading to aches in the hips, back, neck, and shoulders.

Varying sleep positions using a variety of pillows can help determine optimal sleep comfort, especially when trying to improve body alignment and troubleshoot pain relief. 

For some, a single sleep position works great all night. But for many others, they’ll need to switch it up throughout the course of an evening.

The Sleep Again Pillow System offers several different variations which can be ideal for people who shift between side and back sleeping throughout the night. 

For those recovering from surgery, detailed video tutorials demonstrate how to set up the pillow system for ultimate cushy comfort and prevent the pillows from moving while asleep.

But sleepers can also choose to use the individual pillows in the system separately, such as one or both of the long body pillows, to curl into a side sleeping position that will also provide full body support and relieve those critical pressure points throughout the body.

Simply place one of the longer body pillows lengthwise on the bed, positioning the pillow between your legs and arms while laying on the side. Make sure your legs are stacked and parallel to each other, and that your top arm is resting comfortably atop the pillow for ultimate support and comfort. If desired, a second long pillow can be placed behind the back to bolster the spine.