Facing a mastectomy can be an immensely fearful moment, carrying with it an influx of overwhelming questions, worry, and emotional pain at the same time that patients are in the midst of their breast cancer fight.

In the dizzying swirl of information to navigate, one snippet of knowledge isn’t surfacing to the top of the thought pool - which mastectomy pillow do I need?

Understatement of the year, right?

But it can actually be a pretty good question to ask when preparing for a mastectomy because, unfortunately, one thing that many breast cancer patients may not learn until very close to their procedure is the sleeping requirement following breast surgery.

Patients healing from a mastectomy are instructed to sleep on their back in an elevated position for several weeks after surgery. This is true for many surgeries, but it’s especially important for breast surgery because the elevation both reduces swelling and pain while also increasing circulation.

It’s an intimate journey that Sleep Again Pillows’ co-founder, Rachel Baumel, knows very well. In September of 2017, Rachel was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy as part of her cancer treatment. 

In her recovery, Rachel figured out the perfect combination of pillows to help her sleep. She affectionately called it her “life raft,” and it was how the Sleep Again Pillow System was born. Today she not only wants to help patients sleep well after surgery, but she’s taking a proactive approach to sharing this and other breast cancer recovery tips so that others can prepare and plan accordingly.

Heaped on top of the mental, physical, and emotional impact of breast cancer is the often worrisome financial burden.

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer, a mastectomy pillow is a comfort care necessity that will provide a restful experience while recovering, allowing them to sleep safely and not worry about rolling over onto their incisions during the night.

It’s also a gift that can be used for many years following surgery as all the components are entirely individual from one another and can be used separately or together for improved sleep, reading in bed, watching tv, and propping up your feet after a long day. The pieces are lightweight and can be easily transported between rooms, beds, couches, or anywhere and can be shared between family members who might be recovering from their own injuries or just looking for added comfort.

The whole system fits neatly into a square case that will easily fit inside of a standard vehicle trunk for convenient car travel.

We’ve also created a list of Mastectomy Comfort Care Items that the founders of Sleep Again personally love. There are no affiliations here. We’re just sharing some clean and non-toxic self-care items and tips that we hope will help anyone in their breast cancer journey.

If you’re considering a mastectomy pillow as a personal purchase, we want you to know that we understand there are cheaper alternatives on the market. We focused on making the very best mastectomy pillow to provide ultimate comfort and restful healing. Ours is the only system with two full-body pillows, two wedges, and a neck pillow. Many other pillows that are marketed as mastectomy pillows are just a single wedge and do nothing to cushion you from the sides and prevent rolling while sleeping.

We believe our Sleep Again Pillow System is the snuggest and most luxurious breast cancer pillow out there. When you’re inside what some customers call their “nest”, you will feel held and safe. Read more kind words about our mastectomy pillow here.

Every person going through breast cancer recovery deserves to feel cozy and secure. That’s why we made it - to help you recover and get back to living life again!