How a Full Body Wedge Pillow Helps Protect the Elderly and Disabled

For those who are caring for someone who is elderly, disabled, or bed-bound, it can be especially challenging to ensure maximum comfort without compromising safety.

Rolling during sleep is common, but for the elderly and disabled, it can become life-threatening if turning over results in falling out of bed. And for those who are bedridden, varying sleep positions regularly can greatly reduce pressure on parts of the body which can otherwise lead to bedsores and infection. 

Positioning pillows are bed assist devices that can help solve both of these issues along with providing improved comfort and sleep.

Wedge pillows positioned behind the back provide cushy support while watching television or reading. They’re also ideal for recovering for many types of surgery, including shoulder surgery, breast surgery, abdominal surgery, and sinus surgery as the patient is usually required to sleep on their back and in an elevated position for several weeks following the procedure. This is to increase circulation but also to take pressure off healing incisions. 

Leg wedges are tucked under the knees, allowing the legs to rest in a down-sloping position, often reducing pain in the back. 

There are several wedge pillows on the market today, but most are just a single wedge pillow and don’t offer very much in the way of positioning variety or protection from rolling while sleeping.


Best Wedge Pillow with 5 Positioning Pillows Total

A stand-out medical pillow on the market today is the Sleep Again Pillow System, a full-body wedge pillow that allows for multiple different configurations to provide ultimate comfort and that feeling of security while resting or sleeping.

”These pillows were my ‘nest’ of comfort and support during my recovery,” a recent customer shared. “I felt like I was snuggled in just the right way. Rest is so important to recovery, and these pillows were integral in my ability to sleep comfortably.” 


What are the 5 pillows in the Sleep Again Pillow System?

  • Two wedge pillows - One wedge can be used to prop up the back, a second wedge for supporting the legs, or stack both together for a greater incline (perfect for reading or tv watching).

  • Two full-length body pillows - Position one on each side of the body to prevent rolling onto the side. If side sleeping is allowed, rest with the support you need to reduce pain in your shoulders, knees, and back. 

  • One neck pillow - Alleviate neck and shoulder pain.


Who Is the Sleep Again Pillow System For?

When Sleep Again Pillows co-founder, Rachel Baumel, first conceptualized her unique wedge pillow, she first envisioned it as a solution for mastectomy surgery recovery. 

As a breast cancer patient recovering from a double mastectomy, she was shocked by the lack of options for full body wedge pillows. From there, Rachel sought to create a pillow that allowed for both elevated back sleeping (necessary for several weeks after surgery), both knee and neck support, and full-body side support to prevent rolling onto the side. 

What she didn’t know was how many people would benefit from its unique and versatile design.

The positive feedback started pouring in, but it wasn’t just from breast surgery patients. People recovering from all types of surgeries and procedures were sharing their successes in getting back to sleep after surgery. Many still use it even after being fully healed. 

Caregivers of elderly and bedridden patients have discovered it as a sleep-positioning pillow to keep their loved ones safe and comfortable while in-home health, full-time nursing, or hospice care. 

The Sleep Again Pillow System is for everyone, and its uses are endless! We think it will not only elevate you while you sleep but also your standard for rest and wellness.

A Special Note: While we have extensive experience and knowledge around surgery recovery, we aren’t doctors, medical providers, or have any medical training. Please consult your physician or plastic surgeon with any questions related to your health and well-being.