For those preparing for mastectomy surgery and recovery,  we wanted to share a personal and nurturing list of mastectomy recovery resources created by Sleep Again Pillows co-founder and breast cancer survivor, Rachel Baumel. 

The days and months leading up to breast cancer surgery can be extremely stressful. Beyond the emotional toll of diagnosis comes the mountain of planning for your surgery and recovery, which on its own requires special attention due to the unique nature of the surgery itself.

With this in mind, we’ve composed a selection of wellness-focused products and resources that we hope will ease your stress along the way. 

Just a note: We’re not affiliated with any of these brands. We just really love them and want to share them with you in the hopes that they help in your breast cancer recovery. 


Safe Skincare and Makeup Brands



We love Beautycounter because their products are both high-quality and safe for the consumer. 

When you’re recovering from cancer, you want to avoid products with questionable chemicals and contaminants (you know, like the kind that cause cancer). 

Unlike many other skincare and makeup brands, Beautycounter is proactively focused on consumer safety and extremely transparent about the ingredients they use. Their ingredients are responsibly sourced, environmentally conscious, and screened using a 23-point process. They also publish a Never List of substances they refuse to include in their formulas. Pretty cool!

Try their Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion.


Biossance Oils

Biossance creates amazing skincare products with clean ingredients that don’t harm animals or the environment. But at their core, they’re so much more than a skincare brand.

They started as a biotech company and developed a patented malaria cure that has been distributed in over 120 million treatments. They also created a Squalane alternative, helping to save millions of the world’s sharks. Sharks have long been hunted for a unique oil in their livers.

Top that off with carbon-neutral shipping and a pledge to be zero-waste by 2025, this is an innovative company with great products that are worthy of your support.

Try their 100% Squalane Oil.


Safe Cleaning Products



AspenClean makes plant-based cleaning products that are powerful, effective, and safe for the environment. 

They’ve been recognized for their dedication to the environment and their cruelty-free initiatives by The Environmental Working Group, EcoCert, and Leaping Bunny, along with several other publications. 

Sign up for their newsletter and receive 10% off your first order!

Try their House Cleaning Kit.


Platforms and Apps That Help Consumers Determine if Products Are Safe

The Environmental Working Group or EWG is a consumer safety watchdog organization exposing risky behavior and working to transform legislation around our health and the environment since 1993. 

Their app and website are a tremendous resource of informative articles and consumer guides on issues concerning our food and water, such as the abundance of PFAS chemicals in everyday household products. 

App and website users will also find searchable databases for their drinking water based on zip code and a personal care database to search ingredients, brands, or products to get more clarity on the products they’re currently using or are exposed to.


Think Dirty 

Think Dirty is a user-friendly App that helps consumers easily scan their household products to help them discover potentially harmful ingredients. 

They also feature clean and safe brands and offer beauty box subscriptions that contain highly-rated and curated products that fit their verified clean standard.



Books on Cancer and Health

Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

Dr. Kelly A. Turner, founder of the Radical Remission Project, shares nine factors that can result in a spontaneous cancer remission in this New York Times bestseller.


The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing

This book by Caroline Myss shines a light on the connection between emotional dysfunction and physical illness and their shared link to common ailments and diseases including cancer. Told between the viewpoints and collaborations of Myss and a traditional medicine doctor, it provides a fresh perspective on holistic healing.


Mastectomy Surgery Recovery Comfort Items

Heart & Core Post-Mastectomy Bras

Heart & Core makes Post-Surgical and Radiation Bras that are designed specifically to assist in recovery following breast cancer surgery. 

The company was founded by sisters Jen and Lara, whose mom struggled to find a comfortable bra following a lumpectomy and radiation.

This unique bra system truly fills a long-standing need for a comfortable and functional bra that thoughtfully addresses the specific needs of breast cancer recovery.

Among the revolutionary features include soft antimicrobial fabric, medical-grade Velcro for non-scratchy easy adjusting, mesh pockets for puffs (one pair included), ice or breast insert/form, and a patented bulb drainage holder to manage drains discreetly with optimal comfort.


Pink Pepper Co

Pink Pepper Co founder and breast cancer survivor, Leslie, was inspired to create an entire line of breast cancer surgery comfort and recovery products following her own experience. 

Based in Chandler, Arizona, all products are made in the USA and have been designed and tested by Leslie.

Their soft and cushy Mastectomy Chest Pillow has an especially unique design, incorporating a thick shield band to protect the surgery area while riding in the car and additional wings and u-supports to both provide comfort and keep your arms elevated while sleeping. 

Other mastectomy recovery essentials include a Surgical Mastectomy Shirt with Drain Holder Pockets, a Drain Holder Hoodie (super cute!), and a Shower Lanyard.


Nordstrom Lingerie Pajamas

We absolutely love the soft elegance of Nordstrom Lingerie Pajamas. We think you’ll love the super cute patterns. But what you’ll love even more is the breathable fabric and just how comfy these PJs are. 

And with a button-down front, they’re perfect for those recovering from breast cancer surgery as the top is easy to slip on and off without risking pain or injury while healing.


The Best Guided Meditations to Ease Stress Before Breast Cancer Surgery 

Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery by Belleruth Naparstek

A double-blind, placebo-controlled research study found that this award-winning meditation by Belleruth Naparstek resulted in less pain and anxiety in surgery patients along with a reduced hospital stay and faster healing times. 

This meditation can be used to prepare for a wide variety of medical procedures, including breast cancer surgery. Download the audio today and listen once or twice per day for the weeks leading up to your surgery to help ease stress and increase positivity.

Insight Timer App - Meditation for Surgery by Abigail Morrissey Riordan

Insight Timer is a wonderful and diverse resource for mental health, self-care, and healing. 

The popular platform has over 15 million users with people connecting all across the globe to practice yoga and meditation together through live virtual classes, courses, and other wellness events. 

An absolute standout for breast cancer surgery prep is the Meditation for Surgery by Abigail Morrissey Riordan. Cultivate a greater sense of calm in this short 11-minute guided meditation for greater healing