Set Up Videos

Using the Sleep Again Pillow System is easy! But since there are a few different ways to use the system, we've put together these videos to demonstrate all the options.

Basic Set Up Instructions

Get started with setting up your Sleep Again Pillow System or be prepared for what to expect when it arrives.

Custom Fitted Sheet

This video introduces our new custom fitted sheet which comfortably holds your pillow system together throughout the night and is easy to clean.

Slightly Elevated Variation

Sleep is critical for healing after surgery. We designed the Sleep Again Pillow System to support your recovery journey. This is a simple configuration for sleeping in a slightly elevated position.

Upper Body Support Variation

This configuration is great when you just need extra upper body support.

Setting Up Your Pillows Properly

Proper set up of the pillows is key! Rachel describes the ideal set up of the pillow system for best results.

How to Lay in the Pillows Correctly

Rachel demonstrates the proper way to lay in the Sleep Again Pillow System

What Not to Do

This is what you should not do, if you want the pillows to provide support and stay in place throughout the night.